Uncooked vs Cooked Rice Calories

Looking for a simple conversion between uncooked and cooked rice calories? This is useful whenever you need to calculate cooked rice calories using uncooked rice calories data. Especially if you are following a recipe and all you have is the calories data outside the box or packaging of your uncooked rice.

Whenever in doubt, just follow this formula :

1 part of uncooked rice calories = 3 parts of cooked rice calories
* in weight

This formula comes in handy when you need to determine the amount of cooked rice you should take for your diet. Although it may not be minutely precise, you don’t need a calculator or be a math whiz to figure it out while cooking your rice. And it is easy to remember too.

Keep in mind that the reverse of the formula is also true. That is, one part of cooked rice calories is roughly equal to one third of uncooked rice calories.

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