Basmati Rice Calories

Basmati rice calories is something often questioned by dieters. A rice that so fragrant and delicious (think about briyani rice) could not be good in calories too, right? Lets take a look into basmati rice calories in detail.

Basmati rice originates from India, but also widely produced in Pakistan and some South Asian countries. You can commonly find dishes served with basmati rice in Indian restaurants, the most popular being briyani rice and pilaf.

A cup of cooked basmati rice (195g) delivers a mighty 340 calories. That is considerably more than white rice and brown rice calories in the same portion. So, it is true that basmati rice calories are to be avoided for dieters. Remember, that briyani rice or pilaf cooked with ghee and other ingredients can easily double that amount of calories.

However, if you really have to take that meal of basmati rice (perhaps invited by a business client), you can reduce the calories by reducing the amount of rice taken. Or order a naan at the restaurant instead. In the worst case, you can burn that basmati rice calories with aerobic exercise.