Calories in Rice

How many calories in rice? Are you worry of taking in extra calories by going to that dinner in a Chinese restaurant? Read on if you want to find out about rice calories and whether it will affect your weight loss regime.

To accurately determine calories in rice, you should first determine the type of rice. You will be surprise to know there are many types of rice served today. The easiest way to know the type of rice is probably by its country of origin. You can easily tell this by the restaurant you are going to – Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, you get the idea.

Below are some of the most common rice found in restaurant or shops :

White rice
This is the most common type of rice found in Asian restaurants. It is the staple food for countries like China, Japan and most country in the South East Asia. Apart from Asia, white rice is also produced in the US.

Brown rice
This is a variety of unpolished white rice. It is prefered by those who are health-councious as it contains higher dietary fiber. Due to additional bran layer in brown rice, brown rice has slightly more calories compared to white rice.

Basmati rice
Basmati rice is mainly produced in India and thus, most commonly used in Indian restaurants.

The answer to how many calories in rice, depends on the amount of rice consumed. A typical bowl of cooked white rice weighs in average 250 g (or roughly 0.5 oz). This is about 290 calories.

Take note that there maybe additional calories in rice from fat. That may add an extra of 40 calories to each bowl of rice.

Calories in rice depends on factors such as types of rice, preparation method, and of course, amount of rice. You should consider these factors when counting your overall calories intake. Taken in the right balance, rice calories should never be your worry again in your diet regime.